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Abington Memorial Hospital Location and Parking Guide Map

Hospital Services and Patient Rooms are listed below the map.

AMH Campus Map

Hospital Services Floor Building
Administration 1 Elkins
Admissions / Registration G Widener
Admissions / Registration G Toll
Ambulatory Services Unit G Widener
Auditorium - Beardwood B Widener
Auditorium - Zaslow G Lenfest
Behavioral Health Unit 4 Buerger
Blood Donor Center 1 Lenfest
Board Room 1 Elkins
Bridge to Zipley Garage 1 Lenfest
Cafeteria - Pavilion Grille G Lenfest
Cardiology - Heart & Vascular Institute 5 Toll
   Cardiac Unit 3 Toll
   Cardiac Surgery Unit 3 Toll
   Cardiovascular Unit 5 Lenfest
   Comprehensive Heart Failure Program 5 Toll
   Heart Failure/Telemetry Unit 5 Lenfest
   The Pilla Heart Center 5 Toll
   Porter Institute for Valvular Heart Disease 5 Toll
   Heart Rhythm Center 5 Toll
Center for Bloodless Medicine and Surgery 1 Lenfest
Center for Patient Safety
   and Healthcare Quality


   Harbison G Widener
   The Rev. Dr. Martin
   Luther King, Jr. Memorial


Chief of Staff Office 1 Rorer
CHOP Care Network (Pediatrics) 1 Buerger
Conference Center - Frobese G Lenfest
Critical Care Units    
   Cardiac Care Unit 3 Toll
   Cardiac Surgery Unit 3 Toll
   Intensive Care Unit 3 Toll
   Medical Intensive Care Unit 3 Lenfest
   Neuro Critical Care Unit 3 Toll
   Progressive Care Unit 1 Widener
   Surgical Trauma Unit 3 Toll
Dental Clinic G Arches
Dialysis 1 Buerger
Emergency Trauma Center G Toll
Endoscopy Center G Levy Medical Plaza
Family Lounge 1 Lenfest
Gift Shop - Fountain G Lenfest
Gift Shop - Rainbow G Widener
G.I. Procedures Suite G Buerger
Human Resources/Employment 1 Dixon
Information G Widener
Information G Buerger
Information G Lenfest
Interventional Procedures Unit G Buerger
Lab Access Center 1 Widener
Laboratory Services G Widener
Link to Levy Medical Plaza G Toll
   Asplundh Atrium G Lenfest
   Shorday Atrium G Widener
   Wunderle Lobby G Buerger
   Birthing Suite 4 Toll
   Breastfeeding Support Services 4 Lenfest
   Corinne Santerian Newborn Center G  1400 OYR
   Fetal Diagnostic Center G Levy Medical Plaza
   Maternity Suite 2 Buerger
   M.O.M. Unit 4 Lenfest
   Mothers and Babies Suite 4 Lenfest
   OB/GYN Center G Toll
   Prenatal Testing Center 4 Lenfest
Medical Education:
   Continuing Medical Education G Dixon
   Graduate Medical Education G Dixon
   Wilmer Library G Dixon
   Undergraduate Medical Education G Dixon
   Residency Programs:
        Dental Medicine G Arches
        Family Medicine   Off Site
        Internal Medicine 2 Elkins
        OB/GYN 1 Price
        Surgery 6 Price
Medical Procedures Suite 1 Lenfest
Medical Records (CIS) G Widener
Muller Institute for Senior Health 4 Price
   Geriatric Assessment Center 3 Price
   Older Adult Specialty Unit 5 Buerger
Neurosciences Institute
   Neuro Critical Care Unit 3 Toll
   Neurovascular Laboratory 5 Toll
   Sleep Disorders Center 2 Rorer
   The Diamond Stroke Center 3 Widener
Nursing Department Patient Care Services 2 Elkins
Nutrition Counseling Center 1 Arches
Observation Unit 3 Buerger
Orthopaedic & Spine Institute 3 Lenfest
Patient Advocate 1 Elkins
Pharmacy - Alliance G Buerger
Preadmission Center 1 Lenfest
Psychiatric Inpatient Unit 4 Buerger
Pulmonary Function Testing 2 Rorer
Purchasing B Widener
Radiology / Imaging G Widener
   CT Scan/Ultrasound G Toll
   File Room (Imaging Services Center) G Buerger
   Interventional Radiology G Buerger
   MRI G Widener
   Nuclear Medicine G Buerger
Rehabilitation Medicine (Outpatient) G Buerger
Rehabilitation Unit (Inpatient) 4 Widener
Respiratory Therapy 2 Rorer
Rosenfeld Cancer Center G Widener
   Hanjani Institute for
       Gynecologic Oncology


   Medical Oncology 1 Widener
   Oncology Unit 2 Widener
   Radiation Oncology G Widener
Special Care Nursery - Andrew Tesauro 2 Widener
Surgical Procedures Suite 1 Lenfest
Vascular Center - Blank G Buerger
Volunteer Services 2 Elkins
Patient Rooms Floor Building
Patient Rooms 1W01-1W27 1 Widener
Patient Rooms 2W01-2W59 2 Widener
Patient Rooms 3W01-3W60 3 Widener
Patient Rooms 4W01-4W60 4 Widener
Patient Rooms 1H01-1H14 1 Buerger
Patient Rooms 2H01-2H18 2 Buerger
Patient Rooms 3H01-3H23 3 Buerger
Patient Rooms 4H02-4H15 4 Buerger
Patient Rooms 5H01-5H23 5 Buerger
Patient Rooms 6H01-6H23 6 Buerger
Patient Rooms 7H01-7H22 7 Buerger
Patient Rooms L201-L258 2 Lenfest
Patient Rooms L301-L397 3 Lenfest
Patient Rooms L451-L492 4 Lenfest
Patient Rooms L501-L557 5 Lenfest
Patient Rooms T301-T334 3 Toll
Patient Rooms T401-T423 4 Toll


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