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Pastoral Care - FAQ


Where are chapels located?

At Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health, the Harbison Chapel is located on Main Street near Avenue D, and is open 24 hours a day for quiet meditation and prayer.  A community prayer journal is also available for signing. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Chapel is located on the third floor of the Rorer building adjacent to the 3B inpatient psychiatric unit.

At Abington – Lansdale Hospital, the chapel is located on the first floor, directly next to the main hospital lobby.

How do I contact chaplains?

At Abington – Jefferson Health, chaplains are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to respond to emergencies, crises and urgent spiritual care need.  At Abington Hospital, call 215-481-2000 and ask the operator for the on-call chaplain.  Non-emergent referrals can be communicated to the Pastoral Care Services office at 215-481-8090 for response by the next weekday morning. At Abington – Lansdale Hospital, call 215-361-4417.

Are clergy notified when a patient is admitted to the hospital?

When patients are admitted, they are asked to indicate their religious affiliation, if any, and whether they consent to having their name and affiliation appear on a confidential spiritual care visitation listing.  Properly credentialed clergy have access to this spiritual care visitation listing for the specific, limited purpose of looking up their congregants.  Patients who have opted not to appear on this listing can be found in the same way any patient can be located - by calling patient information, and ask for the patient by name.

Can clergy request the chaplain to visit hospitalized members of their congregation?

Yes.  Community clergy and/or loved ones are welcome to contact the chaplain at Abington Hospital to request a spiritual care visit by calling 215-481-8090 for routine requests, or by calling 215-481-2000, and asking the operator to page the on-call chaplain in the event of an emergent spiritual need or request. At Abington – Lansdale Hospital, call 215-361-4417.

Where do clergy park when visiting patients?

At Abington Hospital, a limited number of clergy parking spaces are available outside the Elkins Building entrance.  In the event these spaces are not available, clergy are encouraged to park in hospital garages. Unfortunately we are not able to offer validated or discounted parking for clergy.

At Abington – Lansdale Hospital, reserved parking for visiting clergy is available in the front and back lots.

Where is Abington Hospital’s Pastoral Services office?

The Pastoral Care Services and Palliative Care office is located in suite 201 of the Dixon Building, located across the street from the Widener entrance on Horace Avenue.

Are spiritual care literature, prayer booklets and holy books available?

Yes.  The Pastoral Care Service Department at Abington Hospital maintains a limited supply of spiritual care literature and prayer booklets that can be borrowed by patients during their stay at the hospital. Contact the AH Pastoral Care office at 215-481-8090 to request materials.