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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MyAHLink?

MyAHLink is an online healthcare tool that gives patients access to a clinical summary document that includes a snapshot of their health information, gathered during their hospital visit or by their primary care physicians. This summary includes medication lists, allergy lists, vital signs, diagnoses, procedure information, test results and discharge instructions. 

MyAHLink-My Hospital is specific to inpatient records and includes a clinical summary document from each inpatient stay or observation visit at either Abington Hospital – Jefferson Health or Abington – Lansdale Hospital. 

MyAHLink-My Doctor is specific to physician office visit records and includes routine laboratory and radiology results and a summary of your office visits.  MyAHLink-My Doctor also allows a patient to request an appointment, referral or prescription refill, send a non-urgent message to their healthcare provider and view health information.   

How do I register for MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Enrolling in the patient portal is quick and easy.  Here are the steps:

  1. If 18 and above, you will be asked for your personal email address during registration.
  2. An email invitation will be sent to you to enroll.  This email invitation to enroll will expire if you take no action within 10 days. 
  3. Once you receive your invitation, click on the link in the email to sign up.
  4. The sign up page has step by step instructions.
  5. You will create a unique username and password.  Please don’t share your username and password with anyone.
  6. Welcome to MyAHLink-My Hospital! You are now able to access your Abington – Jefferson Health electronic inpatient medical records at your convenience. Remember that for inpatient and observation hospital visits, patient results will be updated within 36 hours after discharge. 
  7. Updated documents may appear as your medical record becomes complete. 
  8. A second email reminder will be sent if you don’t respond to the first email invitation to sign up.

How do I register for MyAHLink - My Doctor?

Visit your Abington Physician office and the staff will assist you.  Protecting your medical information is paramount, therefore, enrollment must be done in person. Proper identification is required. After you sign up, you will receive an email containing log-in information (username, password, and clickable link to the site). Upon receipt of the email, you will need to log in to our site within 48 hours, or your invitation will expire.

What content will be available to me on MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Once you have been discharged from the hospital, you will have access to: vital signs, diagnoses, test results, medication lists, immunizations administered, procedure list, allergies and hospital discharge instructions. MyAHLink-My Hospital provides you with the ability to view and print your clinical summary information. 

Where does my health information on MyAHLink-My Hospital come from?

The information is obtained from your Abington hospital inpatient or observation stay electronic medical record. It does not include information from physician’s office visits.

Is MyAHLink-My Hospital available for all patients?

At this time, MyAHLink-My Hospital is available for adults who have had an inpatient or observation stay at either Abington Hospital or Abington – Lansdale Hospital. Patients have the ability to access their inpatient health information within 36 hours after discharge from all hospital visits beginning August 4, 2014.

I registered for the MyAHLink-My Doctor patient portal in my physician’s office. Do I need to register for MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Yes. The MyAHLink - My Doctor portal contains information specific to your medical records at Abington Physician offices.  Enhancements to the patient portal are planned in the future to merge the information into one system. Until then, separate logins are required.

How do I log into MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Once you have registered and activated the MyAHLink - My Hospital account from the email invitation, you can access it from the Abington – Jefferson Health website.

How do I log in to MyAHLink-My Doctor for the first time?

  • From your email, click on the link and you will be prompted to change your password and set up a security question.  If you do not receive an email, please contact us.
  • You will be asked to acknowledge and approve two consents for security purposes to protect your health information.

Is there a fee associated with using MyAHLink?

MyAHLink is a free service provided by Abington to patients who have had a hospital inpatient stay or observation visit or provided by Abington Health Physicians for their patients.

How secure is my health information?

MyAHLink data is provided through a secure website portal which is encrypted to prevent unauthorized persons from reading communications, information or attachments.  This encryption insures your medical information remains confidential between you, the hospital and your care team.  You will set your own password to secure access to your patient portal.  Secure messages and information can only be accessed by someone who knows the correct login and password to your MyAHLink account. 

I think MyAHLink-My Hospital account has been compromised, (i.e. someone else has accessed my account).  What should I do?

If you feel as though someone has accessed your account, you should promptly go to MyAHLink-My Hospital and change your password. 

Please Note:

It is extremely important that you keep your password in a secure location and completely confidential.  Please do not share it with anyone.  Your password is specific to you and your secure account on the portal.  It is your responsibility to prevent disclosure of your password and to change your password if you feel that your security has been compromised.

I forgot my password. What do I do?

For MyAHLink - My Hospital, go to the portal login screen from, there is an option that reads “Can’t Access Account.”  Choose the option “Forgot Password.” You will be prompted to enter the username for your MyAHLink - My Hospital account.

A password recovery email will be sent to your personal email.  Once you receive this information, you will be instructed to log in with your temporary password and asked to create a new secure password.

For MyAHLink - My Doctor You may also reset your password online. Go to the My Doctor link from your practice website, input your email address, then click on the FORGOT PASSWORD link and your password will be sent to your email address.

Is it possible for my family to have one MyAHLink-My Hospital account?

Each member of your family must have an individual MyAHLink-My Hospital account.   Children 17 and under are not included at this time.    

Can I look at my children’s records in MyAHLink-My Hospital?

No.  Currently, health information for minors (individuals under the age of 18) is not available in MyAHLink-My Hospital.  If you are interested in obtaining your child’s health information, please contact Abington – Lansdale Hospital at (215) 361-4959 or Abington Hospital at (215) 481-4435.

Can I look at my parent’s medical records in MyAHLink-My Hospital?

No. However, if your parents have an email address, they may request access to MyAHLink-My Hospital and view their health information themselves.  Should your parents choose to provide access to their account, you can link accounts on the MyAHLink-My Hospital portal.  For example, if Patient A (i.e. adult child) wants to link Patient B (parent) to their account for viewing of Patient B’s medical records, Patient B must give Patient A their login information.  Patient B will see on their account that someone else has access when they login and can revoke it at that point if they’d like. Instructions for linking accounts are provided on the log in screens on the right hand side. 

Do I need to have an email account to use MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Yes, a valid email address is required to set up a MyAHLink-My Hospital account.  The patient must provide a personal email address to participate in this service. 

What do I need to access MyAHLink-My Hospital?

Aside from a personal email address (mentioned above), the Computer Requirements needed to access MyAHLink-My Hospital:

  • Access to a computer with an internet connection
  • An internet browser supporting 128 bit US encryption (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari)
  • For the optimal experience, we recommend using Internet Explorer version 9 and above.

I do not have a personal email address. How do I get one?

You must have an email address to enroll in MyAHLink.  To setup a personal email address, please visit any of the following websites (not associated with MyAHLink or Abington Health):

What is the recommended screen resolution?

The recommended screen resolution is 1024 by 768 or above.

Can I access MyAHLink with my mobile phone or tablet computer? (iPad, iPhone, Android, etc.)

MyAHLink - My Hospital is best viewed from a desk/laptop computer.  The use of mobile phones and tablets is not recommended.

MyAHLink - My Doctor uses an app called healow for mobile viewing. If you currently have a My Doctor account you can download the app and link your account to it.

I have registered but I am not receiving notifications.  What should I do?

Check your SPAM or junk mail folder.  To ensure you are receiving MyAHLink-My Hospital emails please add to your contacts list, address list, safe sender list, or “Do Not Block” list. 

What if I need assistance with MyAHLink-My Hospital?

If you have questions or concerns about how to find information on MyAHLink-My Hospital, please contact us at 

What do I do if I am having a technical issue with MyAHLink-My Hospital?

If you are having a technical issue with MyAHLink-My Hospital, submit an email with a description of the issue along with your contact information.  The MyAHLink-My Hospital support team will respond to you within 2 business days.

What if I have questions about my clinical care, lab results or diagnosis?

If you have a question about any medical information in your medical record, please contact your primary care provider. 

What if my medical information is incorrect?

If you feel there is incorrect information in your medical record, refer to the Abington Health Notice of Privacy Practices to learn more about the process for requesting a review and amendment to your medical record.  The Notice of Privacy Practices is located on the Abington – Jefferson Health website. 

Can I deactivate my MyAHLink-My Hospital account?

Yes.  To request that your account be deactivated, contact us via email at with your contact information. Your request will be processed within 24 hours and you will be notified via email that deactivation is complete.