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Do Your Sleeping Habits Put You at Greater Risk of Stroke?

The Importance of Vitamin D for You and Your Family

When to Seek Treatment for Uterine Fibroids?

Is Smoking Hookah Safe?

Health Screenings in the Elderly

Is Sugar Worse for Your Heart than Salt?

Should I Have Partial or Total Knee Replacement?

The Myths and Truths About Vaccines

Removing Large Colon Polyps without Major Surgery

When to Seek Help for Fertility Issues

It’s Flu Season. Here’s How To Protect Yourself.

Shoveling Snow Could Result in a Heart Attack

Eat Your Way to A Healthy Weight

Beware of Your New Year's Resolution

Help Your Infant Sleep Safely

E-Cigarettes: What You Need To Know

What To Expect With Perimenopause

A Solution for Sufferers of Sinusitis: Balloon Sinuplasty

Going to the Dentist for More than Just Cavities

The Other Incontinence: Suffer No More

Abington Health’s Ebola Preparedness

Dispelling Myths About The Flu Shot

Treating High Blood Pressure

Exercise is Actually Good for Arthritis

The Truth Behind Double Mastectomies

Lifting the Burden of Heavy Backpacks

Why You Shouldn't Be Worried About Ebola

Best Treatments for Achy Joints

The Benefits of Mammograms

Debunking Common Sleep Myths

The Benefits of Breastfeeding

Urgent Care Centers vs. Emergency Rooms: Where Should You Go?

Why Women Should Visit the OB/GYN Every Year

Keep Your Kids Safe in the Water This Summer

Can Stress Cause Infertility?

How Baby Boomers Can Prevent Sports Injuries

How To Protect Your Eyes

When To Consider Bariatric Surgery

Do You Know Your Numbers?

Pacifiers: to Use or Not to Use

What Increases Chances of Postpartum Depression?

Study Advises Women With BRCA1 Gene Mutation To Remove Ovaries By Age 35

A Colonoscopy Just Might Save Your Life

New Guidelines For Reducing Stroke Risk in Women

Safe Exercises During Pregnancy

Bob Costas’ Pinkeye: What You Should Know & How You Can Avoid It

The Signs of a Stroke

Eat Well, and Your Kids Will Too

Wheat and Modified Starches May Increase Stroke Risk

Managing Your Child's Concussion

What Does the New Breast Density Bill Mean For Pennsylvania Women?

Tips for serving Health School Lunches

Is your Child Getting Enough Sleep on School Nights?

Tips for a Healthy Labor Day BBQ

Are You at Risk for Stroke?

Preventing Congestive Heart Failure

Is Home Health Care Right for You?

Exercises to Help with Vertigo

Tips for Your Best Sleep Ever

Tips for a Healthy July 4th BBQ

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