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At Abington Health, knowledge is power. We want to equip you with the latest health news to keep you informed and ready to make the best decisions for your health. Check out News You Can Use - articles from Abington Health professionals.

Recent Articles

Should I Have Partial or Total Knee Replacement?

Strong, healthy knees are a crucial part of a healthy and active life. You need them to run, jump, walk and keep moving. But, your ability to bend and flex your knees can be compromised when injury or arthritis cause damage, inflammation and pain.

With time, this damage can progress, making it more difficult to stay active. Injury or arthritis can cause deterioration of your joint and its surrounding tissue, making basic daily tasks difficult to perform. As the cartilage in your knee wears and bone rubs against bone, you may experience pain and reduced mobility. - Read More

The Myths and Truths About Vaccines

The recent measles outbreak that began in Disneyland has done more than result in many sick children. It has spawned a debate about vaccinating our children. Physicians, politicians and parents are all weighing in with their opinions about whether kids should get vaccinated. - Read More

Removing Large Colon Polyps Without Doing a Colectomy

Although polyps are small clusters of cells that form inside the colon, they can present big health issues if left undisturbed over time. While you may have heard that large colon polyps need to be removed during a colectomy, which requires a piece of the large intestine to be removed, there’s a new type of procedure that may replace the need for a major operation. - Read More

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