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At Abington Health, knowledge is power. We want to equip you with the latest health news to keep you informed and ready to make the best decisions for your health. Check out News You Can Use - articles from Abington Health professionals.

Recent Articles

Do You Know Your Numbers?

Chances are you know your body pretty well. You know which moles to worry about and which ones you can ignore for now. You may even know if your cholesterol is high or if your blood sugar is on the low side. But do you know exactly what those levels are and what they mean to your health? – Read More

Pacifiers: To Use or Not to Use

Parents have been using pacifiers to soothe their crying or fussy babies for decades. When a baby cries, mom or dad typically picks him up, comforts him, and offers a pacifier. It’s a natural and common reaction—but is it best for your baby?  – Read More

What Increases Chances of Postpartum Depression?

Having a new baby can elicit all kinds of conflicting emotions; it’s normal for parents to experience excitement and fear all at the same time. Although it typically takes parents only a few weeks to adjust, not all women are able to transition into the role of a parent with ease—in fact, some women may develop postpartum depression as a result. Although this only occurs among a small percentage of women, a recent study found that those who had unwanted pregnancies were more likely to become depressed. – Read More


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