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At Abington Health, knowledge is power. We want to equip you with the latest health news to keep you informed and ready to make the best decisions for your health. Check out News You Can Use - articles from Abington Health professionals.

Recent Articles

Abington Health’s Ebola Preparedness

The recent news of a patient presenting to a hospital in Dallas with fever, travel from Liberia and testing positive for the Ebola virus has raised questions about preparations if a similar situation occurred at one of our facilities. Abington Health is prepared! - Read More

Dispelling Myths About The Flu Shot

Although summer has just come to a close, your doctors are already thinking about the flu. Why? Because the timing of flu season is unpredictable and can start as early as October.- Read More

Treating High Blood Pressure

There are many illnesses and diseases that we can’t prevent or take control of – but high blood pressure is not one of them. However, even though it’s preventable, one in four American adults has high blood pressure.- Read More

Exercise is Actually Good for Arthritis

If you have an achy knee, your initial reaction is probably to rest your leg. But if arthritis is the cause of your knee pain, that’s actually the last thing you should be doing. Contrary to what most people believe, exercise initially is a good way to treat an arthritic joint.- Read More

The Truth Behind Double Mastectomies

Hearing the words “You have breast cancer” is scary and life altering. When facing this diagnosis women are not only scared of the battle they have to face fighting the disease, they’re also afraid that, if and when they beat it, it could come back.- Read More

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