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Resident Call Responsibilities







Resident call responsibilities are generally divided between night float and weekend coverage.  We have separate night float coverage for our Pediatric service for our Family Medicine service; each is two weeks at a time.

Interns do two 2-week Pediatric night float rotations.  Second year residents do two 2-week FM service night floats and one 2-week night float divided between FM service and pediatrics.  Third year residents do two weeks of FM service night float and two weeks divided between FM service and Pediatrics.

All residents do approximately 5 weekends through the year, interns doing just pediatrics and second and third year residents doing both.

Pediatric night coverage is in-house while Family Medicine night coverage can be taken from home if within 15 minutes of the hospital.  We field phone calls from our office patients and nursing homes and come to the hospital for admissions only.

Pediatric Night Float

  • Four nights per week, Tuesday through Friday.
  • 5 PM to 7 AM
  • Includes office hours on Monday

Family Medicine Night Float

  • Five nights per week, Monday through Friday
  • 5 PM to 7 AM
  • No office hours

Pediatric Weekend

  • Saturday and Sunday night
  • 5PM to 7AM
  • No Monday responsibilities

Family Medicine Weekend

  • Saturday and Sunday night
  • Includes Saturday morning office hours
  • No Monday responsibilities