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Giving Back to Our Community

Community Benefit Report 2015

Abington Jefferson Health assesses health needs of the community

community benefit

Abington Hospital (AH) Jefferson Health, Abington – Lansdale Hospital (ALH) and their parent organization, Abington – Jefferson Health (AJH), are non-profit 501©3 organizations with a strong mission of community service and outreach. AJH has completed the 2016-19 Community Health Needs Assessment. AJH began this process in 2013, publishing a comprehensive Community Health Needs Assessment to gauge the overall health of the communities they serve and to help set the agenda for programs and services in the years to come. A three- year implementation report was completed and approved in June 2016.

Full copies of the 2013 and 2016 Needs Assessments are available at Overall, the health of the populations served in the AH and ALH service areas is good, ranking higher than the Montgomery County and Pennsylvania State populations as a whole.

Certain issues were raised in the Assessments, however, and physicians and staff from both hospitals have been hard at work implementing three-year action plans to address the areas of need. 2013 Action Plans were focused on the following health concerns:

  • Education regarding cancer risk factors and screenings
  • Access to behavioral health services
  • Education regarding Activities of Daily Living (ADL’s) for geriatric patients
  • More accessible culturally and linguistically appropriate materials regarding health services
  • Education and services to address cardiac risk factors: smoking, obesity and hypertension
  • Access to care for the uninsured and underinsured

Abington Jefferson Health works to create the healthiest community by orchestrating targeted outreach for maximum community benefit while reducing health disparities, and has successfully completed all actions plan goals and objectives identified as a result of the 2013 Community Health Needs Assessment. A full accounting of this work can be found at in the About Us section/Community Benefit. The 2016 Community Health Needs Assessment has been completed and can be found in that section.

Overall Community Benefit:
Giving Back to Our Community

In fiscal year 2015, Abington Hospital provided over $58.7 million dollars in community benefit; Lansdale Hospital provided over $3.6 million dollars in community benefit.

Financial Assistance/Subsidized Health Services

In fiscal year 2015, Abington Hospital provided over $35 million in financial assistance and subsidized health services for members of its community. During that same period, Lansdale Hospital provided $2.8 million in uninsured and underinsured health services.

Health Education and Screenings

community benefitAH and ALH provide many free or low cost programs throughout the year designed to educate the community regarding health risk factors or to support early detection through health screenings. During fiscal year 2015, AH and ALH together provided more than $3.8 million in free health education, screenings, in-kind donations and other community support.

Preparing Our Future Healthcare Providers

As a teaching hospital, Abington Hospital educates many physicians, nurses and allied healthcare professionals. The Hospital maintains residency programs in family medicine, internal medicine, OB/GYN, general surgery and dentistry. In fiscal year 2015 AH provided over $19.3 million in medical education programs.


community benefitAbington Jefferson Health conducts/opens more than 100 clinical research studies each year. The Center for Clinical Research facilitates all of Abington’s ongoing research endeavors. In fiscal year 2015, over $435,000 dollars was spent in research initiatives.

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